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Eternal Roses (a Shopify-based eCommerce website) wanted us to write compelling and sell conversion-oriented blogs that are SUPER easy to understand, more eye-catching, informative, and caries the voice of the products.

In other words, blogs that are fun to read while sounding like a sales copy so that the users actually convert into customers. We were also tasked with publishing the blogs into the websites via ShopifyCMS.

Our Hands-on Project:

We wrote a total of 4 blogs for Eternal Roses. To make this project a total success, our initial take was to choose familiar and easy-to-understand words so that the blog's voice gets heard by the users, primarily people in general. 

We were always cautious about the word selection to represent every aspect rather than making everything more complex. In the starting portion (the most important segment), we tried to interact with the readers while sounding more interactively. 

We attempted to highlight all the best collections and offers so that the users could have a seamless shopping experience. 

Challanges We Tackeld:

While writing sales blogs, maintaining a perfect pitch is more than necessary. Since our client wanted blogs specifically written for different holidays and occasions, keeping the relevant tone for each holiday was a little difficult.

Because all individual occasion comes with their unique characteristics. But our talented writers faced the challenge head-on and came up with engaging blogs that were enriched with relevant tones each time.

As for the feedback, our client was over the moon seeing all the SEO optimization and blog readability and made a long-term contract with SowDream.

Client Name:

Lance Horn

Client Company:

Eternal Roses

WebSite Link:

Eternal Roses



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