Built A Functional And Modernized Website For FxSources

FXSources, Where the odds of the Forex works in your favor!

The Forex trading market is evolving simultaneously and so are the Foreign exchange brokers. Those days are long gone when the availability of the brokers was pretty much questionable. As the retail market traders now have an ULTRA wide range of brokers to choose from and that too all across the trading sphere. Now, the actual problem that many traders face quite often is, "Which broker is better for them?"

Hold that thought! Why?

Because that's where we come in. Not empty-handed though! Instead, we come in with unbiased and in-depth online broker reviews so that you can compare every tiny aspect of the brokers and choose the right one for yourself.

Client requirement:

FXSources required a renovated website to shed light on their objectives for providing the best Services.


Our hands-on project:

To start with, FXSources was already a prestigious company although they were missing an up-to-mark and modernized website.


Therefore, our first take was to build a responsive and renovated website for FXSources which follows all the standards and regulations of WCAG AA accessibility at the same time ensuring a more enhanced user experience.


By taking all of these provisions into account, our dedicated web development team started to build a compatible website from scratch. Also, while executing the process of "design and development" we made sure that each and every section was given maximum priorities and modifications. 


Moving on, for catering an intuitive web experience, HTML5/CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript, PHP Along with Laravel Framework was used while building the front-end & Back-end portion and as for the database, we've made the implication of MySQL language to render an even secure platform concerning the user's privacy.



Client Name:

Felix Nathan

Client Company:


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